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Personal Chef Services
for Cleveland, Bratenahl, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Beachwood, Gates Mills, Chagrin Falls, Kirtland, Waite Hill, and many points east throughout NE Ohio

Good Food sustains health and enhances life!
(...but sometimes the daily grind gets in the way.)

We get it.  Sometimes after an unexpectedly long and trying day, you have to suffer a bowl of soggy, sugary cereal for dinner because it's there, you are exhausted, and the take-out place was closed.  Perhaps your doctor made some dietary suggestions to help you feel better, but so much of what fits the healthy guidelines is either unappetizing or seems like a massive cooking project that involves planning and special ingredients and 38 pots and pans you'll have to wash later.  Maybe you don't really enjoy working in the kitchen. Maybe you do, but circumstance just gets in the way too often.  

How does a refrigerator fully-stocked with your taste in meals, all ready to eat, sound?

That sounds great!  How much?  How does this work??

-For 125.00, plus groceries, you can have approximately 12 complete dinners*, completely customized to your preferences,  waiting at home to be enjoyed. 
(* Basic service is 3 entree selections,  protein + starch + vegetable, with 4 servings each.  This can be nearly 2 weeks of food for a single person, or a few reduced-stress dinners for a family of 4.  And yes, we have other service packages available, too.  Just ask! )

Here are the basics:

-I get to know your preferences and make some seasonally-appropriate menu suggestions.  You can leave it as-is or make changes until everything sounds good to you.
-I seek out the freshest, finest ingredients at the grocery store to make that menu from scratch just for you.
-I put the meals together right in your own kitchen so that there is no lag time...flavor is sealed in and right away to maximize your enjoyment later.
-I provide precise re-heating instructions for the best possible dining experience.

KCleveland's Health and Wellness Chef

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